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Deregulators is a new band with a debut CD “Too Many Questions” that combines the heaviness of mainstay bands like Nine Inch Nails, the songwriting melodic sense of Stone Temple Pilots, and some of the heavy psychedelic feel of Soundgarden.
Big Vocals, Big Guitars and Big Drums, all at once.

What sets Deregulators apart is not just the huge sound production, thanks to mix engineering team of Marc Senasac and BZ Lewis, but Ford’s intense vocal performances that draw comparison to Paul Rodgers, Eric Clapton, Chris Cornell at their best. The depth and emotion of the lyrics, and abstraction and power of the phrases and singing approach. These are not love songs or “get down, party on” style songs. Far from it. These are brooding, intriguing dark songs with burried rays of hope and light and suggestions of immortality. The sheer power of Ford’s vocals is apparent on every track, with lines that you will remember for a long time to come, with strong melodies -- not just force and soul. Just enough tidbits of weird and wild guitar parts, this is not a shredders album. The guitar parts build and support the songs.

”We wanted to approach the emotional topics of war, and the human and social costs of severe natural dissasters that were happening all around us. But unlike a lot of other musicians, we are not crying for help or mercy in these situations. We are suggesting that there are “Too Many Questions” and a deeper long-term insidious nature of the global situation, with increasing population, and severe factions on the frindges of a classic value systems (like ours), and the inability of all politicians to meet these challenges and diverse responses required to overcome them. Yet we reach inside to unlock the ability of individuals to understand and personally overcome these challenges. Its kind a “Damn the Environment, Empower the individual spirit” approach. We acknowledge individuals’ power and capabilities often come from higher powers and mysterious revelations.

Some songs incorporate a heavy funk beat, (such as “Don’t Ask”), so that DJ’s can use it in House and Industrial contexts – but only more adventurous DJs. Another example, psychedelic techniques like backwards guitars in layers, and wild wrap-around vocal echos grace the heavy psychedelic song “Shining Soul Bright”. The deeper recesses of the mind & soul connections are probed in the mysterious long bridge section of “Controlled Demolition” in which giant objects in huge caverns are struck hard and ring out, while the distant cries of “Mental Plague” and “Psychopathic Circle” encircle the listener.

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