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annie lennox

From Pop to Rock I have two new releases which demonstrate my vocal abilities and range in two genres ... see the videos at   ..

WoJo now has teamed up with Zack Werner, the former judge from Canadian Idol who managed Esthero, Skye Sweetnam and Down With Webster. Together with Tristan Avakian (We Will Rock You, Trans- Siberian Orchestra) they have gone to ground searching for a new sound. WoJo is now an artist that takes what she needs and leaves the rest. Her sound bridges between pop, punk, funk and cutting edge grooves with massive power vocals. As so many of her role models from Annie Lennox to Christina Aguilera, WoJo strongly believes that if you sing your butt off you can create something entirely new out of any song, any genre. “My taste in music is so wide and the songs I love come from every part of the rainbow. So I’m not going to say I have to do this or that. I’m going to make the best music I can and throw labels away. I’m going to be my own label."

With her debut single “Believe” she is kicking the doors open. Welcome to a new genre. Let’s call it WoJo.

      WoJo may be barely 17 but she has a clear vision of her identity as an artist. “I want to be a singular voice. An important voice. As a songwriter and especially as a singer. I think that tone, groove, diving deep into melody and lyrics and coming up with a sound that is unmistakably WoJo is what I want to achieve. If I can do that then I can reach into any genre and make it mine. I want people to say, “Hey, that’s the new WoJo song” from the first note I sing.”

      Her parents came to Canada leaving the economic uncertainty of Poland behind. First in Chicago and then London, Ontario they battled from cleaning, factory and security jobs to support their family. Since settling in the stability of London (two hours west of Toronto) they have found the good life. They have shown endless support for WoJo and her goals in music. The great parental chauffer service running back and forth to Toronto in every weather imaginable as often as three nights a week while WoJo has been co-writing, recording, collaborating and creating herself.

      WoJo grew up your typical music and performance obsessed kid. Taking piano, vocal, dance and musical theatre, she began performing and recording from the age of 8. “I don’t regret any of the contests or musicals I did. All that experience taught me a lot about focus, work ethic and quality. I’ve always been competitive but I’ve learned it’s all about wanting more for myself and from myself. You can’t “beat” someone at singing. It’s art so there is no final score. But putting myself under pressure has helped me learn to push harder and reach deeper”. But, in a market where talent show winners are everywhere, she made the firm decision to focus on building her career through great original songs and serious vocals that are unique. “In the end, I wanna be compared to Annie Lennox not Fantasia Barrino” she says.

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25/02/2012 Live :: Check out my latest video - Mary Jane - the WoJo way - with guitar by Zack Werner (Canadian Idol Judge)
31/01/2012 Release :: I have just released my new video - you can watch it on my youtube ... at
31/01/2012 New Track Added :: Called Wojo - Believe. Check it out now....
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