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My wife and I were born into houses filled with music, passed down from the generations it seems.

I would wait until I knew everyone was busy with something, then I'd begin. I'd shut the door to the parlor (where the piano was) so they couldn't hear me, and I'd play my dad's early 1920's Chickering grand.

Then, in jr. high, my dad gave me my first keyboard and opened an entirely new world to me.. and Tangerine Dream happened.. followed by Manheim Steamroller..

When high school hit, my dad managed to present me with an Emu Proteus that was so inspiring, I started writing and learning to record immediately. It consumed me.

By the time I met my wife, I'd managed to put together a room full of keyboards and a Mac SE-30 for sequencing (funny, huh). I took her to my studio for our first date.. We ended up playing music together for hours. Thirty days later, I proposed to her.. in my studo.

That was almost ten years ago now..

Intentions are great things, aren't they?
Especially when they turn into reality...

So, here I sit in my studio, under headphones, feet going and fingers trying to get the notes out of my head and onto piano keys... and in walks my wife with a wonderfully puzzled expression - she wants to know what I intend to do with my music..

I don't think anybody in my life has ever had as many complicated questions as she comes up with, but this was one that I needed to answer.

All I have ever really wanted to do, aside from flying airplanes around Kansas with dad, is compose and play music. Quite honestly, writing music is exactly what I want to do for the remainder of my time on earth...

Music gets people in a way that nothing else can; it takes hold of you and just refuses to let go..

Barriers don't seem to exist in music.

It doesn't matter which continent you're on, music is there.
It's a language that all understand & is in everything.
Everyone knows what it is to laugh and cry, and the lucky ones even know love..

Everyone understands music, just like they understand a smile...
The thing is, music has figured out the laugh, the cry, and even love..

The purpose of my music? Honestly, it keeps me sane..
It's just in my head and seems to not ever go away. It's communication, of sorts..
It's release of emotion and a way to express thoughts and feelings that I can't with words.

- It's a constant challenge.
- It's continual learning and developing..

Mostly it's a hobby that just happens to invade my thoughts all the time..

Really, it's fun.. It's just play.. It's just what I do

- Russ

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