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Stan The Man Griffin

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General Information
Genre :
Pop ,Urban n RandB ,Jazz

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Influences :
Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Quincy Jones

Stan The Man Griffin is a unique individual in that he has, so many facets to his persona that stems from the gifts that he has. This Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Recording Artist has a chameleon like ability to become what ever is necessary, at the time of need to get what needs to be done, for that moment in time. Stan The Man grew up in a small Midwestern town. Middletown Ohio was predominantly a sports town. Stan wandered into the basement of his home and picked up the sax that his older brother played, and began to play as if he had been playing for years. His mom yelled to his older brother; knock it off its getting late, and Stan replied, heís not home mom itís me Stan! Not long after that Stan had his own Sax, and by the age of fifteen he was playing in night clubs. After joining bands and traveling across the nation performing in Military NCO clubs Stan decided he would take his career in a different direction. Moving to California for a short while and opening as a lead singer for vocal bands, for such national known acts as the Manhattans, and Regina Bell. Stan longed for the comforts of a more familiar atmosphere, so he moved back to Ohio, and began to record two, Contemporary Christian CDís. Stanís love for music had always been rooted in the R&B love ballads performing covers of his influences such as Luther Vandross, Jeffrey Osborne, and Al Jarreau, and George Benson. Stan recorded his first Demo ĎLove is Realí that had an appeal to the Main Stream R&B scene. Stan formed his own Record Label, STM Entertainment, and Released his first mainstream Pop R&B CD, titled ďA Breath of Fresh AirĒ which appealed to the market as a whole. Europeans loved the CD because it wasnít Hip Hop and the A Breath of Fresh Air CD spoke to their love for the Classic R&B Sound. Stan later pinned, and recorded Spider-Dance, The New Spider-Man Theme Song that just hits home with Spider-Man fans across the globe, and listeners thought that Spider-Dance captured the essence of the Super Hero, and a new Generation.

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